What women want: A landscaping point of view

Plenty has actually been discovered about the value of infusing experiences into a shopping mall. Much has actually been blogged about place making. However not enough has actually been written about how a functional, well-thought-out landscape environment contributes to the total experience and the power of a “location”. It’s more crucial to female shoppers than you may picture.

No doubt you are completely pleased of the value of female patrons to shopping malls. A 2013 Bench research study found that 40% of all families with children under the age of 18 consist of moms who are either the sole or primary source of income for the family. In a 3rd of two-earner families, Pew reported, the lady is making more than her partner, and the most current Census report discovered that 25% of all US families are run by single moms.

It’s no secret that it’s more essential that shopping centre and mall environments appeal more to women than men. However exactly what is it, precisely, that attracts them? A study from the Knight Structure and the Gallup company in 2010 discovered that physical charm and chances for socializing are the two crucial aspects to creating a psychological connection between people and their communities. This emotional connection is what will increase females dwell times and sales at retail centres.

Based upon this data, smart developers and their group of landscaping contractors, among others are giving thoughtful weight to consider exactly what draws in females to their residential or commercial properties. Here are 3 must-haves:

Security:  Ladies feel comfortable if there is convenient, well-lit parking along with security workers readily available and noticeable.

Environment: Ladies look for special locations for loved ones. Offer outdoor spaces where they can collect. Develop a main area that enables connectivity with community. Offer colour, a water function, shade trees, umbrellas, fire pits, sufficient seating. Including kid play areas and activities. Stimulate all five senses!

Story: Females will inform other women about a special and memorable experience that includes charm in nature which comes from good landscaping design, such as gardens found using landscape designs Mornington. Do not approach creating a shopping centre and then as an afterthought putting some good landscaping inside it. Provide a gorgeous, natural landscape environment that happens to have retail space in it. Change your point of view.

When asking a client what she wants out of landscaping, she responded, “that’s simple! Women enjoy gardens. They will come back again and again to experience the gardens, shop at our shops, and eat in our restaurants. They will tell their pals and bring them here, too.”

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