What This Site is For

Why Not Showcase Your Art?

We will consider  the following art types for our new and established Artists’ display pages:

All Types of Sound Art

We will look at  showcasing all forms of experimental music and sound art. However, to keep things simple, we ask that your  music is hosted elsewhere such as on Bandcamp or Soundcloud. We also ask that the embed code is provided.

All Types of Visual Art

Visual art can include photography, painting, all kinds of digital art, drawing and all other image based art forms. We will endeavor to publish a maximum of eight images. All images can be in either .jpg or .png format.

All Types of Video Art

Video art can include photography, short films, animations and all experimental films. Once again for simplicities sake, videos are to be hosted elsewhere  such as on YouTube or DailyMotion or any other video platform.

All Types of Comics

The types of comics we will consider showcasing are narrative art which can include comics, comic strips and graphic short stories.We ask that submissions always contain consist the artist’s name.

We also encourage the addition of a brief bio (250 words max) as well as/or a creative statement (400 words max). We will certainly consider offer any connect invites to individual websites, blogs, Twitter accounts, and the like.

The Types of Submissions We DO NOT Want

Any Type of Offensive Content

Any type of art/submission that is considered offensive will not be published on this site.

Some examples of offensive content can and do include, prejudicial remarks, incitement to violence, obscenity, sexual suggestiveness or provocative nature, pornography, erotica, vulgarity and insensitivity to tragedy, death or injury.

Content That is Poorly Written 

This includes any written content that is submitted which fails to meet the grammatical standards of the written English language.

Examples of poorly written content include articles with frequent grammatical, typographical, or stylistic errors. It also includes all articles that fail to present its written ideas in a clear and coherent manner.

To Make a Submission

If you are interested in making a submission of your work to be presented on this site for exposure, please fill in the form below and we will review as soon as possible.

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