Style Alert- Modern French Design

France is one country that features some of the best interior design ideas. They make the process look so easy, and the result is always appealing to look at. As a country that has a great appreciation for culture and history, most designs speak volumes about France. People from different parts of the world have borrowed these design ideas and implemented them in their homes. As always, French designs have never failed, and people continuously come back for more. Currently, there are several French designs that people are trying to adopt. When implementing modern French interior designs, there are factors that you have to keep in mind for each design to come out perfectly. Refer to French hotel interior design for inspiration.

It is all in the detail

French details are often very precise; the same should be applied when adopting the designs in your home. You can create a sense of class and style by using vintage finishes that can tell a story about the place of origin from which the design was obtained. The use of lavish furniture can also be a good way of going into detail with some of the French designs. Also, don’t forget to give it a cosy appearance as this will make people feel more at home. Achieving a detailed design can also be obtained by combining two styles that are completely different from one another. This will result in a blend that will catch people’s attention.

Light it up 

A design can be colourful, but if proper lighting is not provided, it may fail to impress. A good number of modern French interior designs adopt deep colours that blend easily with light. Once the setup is complete, ensure that you provide adequate lighting to the room. Natural lighting from windows is highly preferred as it gives the room a natural and bright feeling. This may require large windows or glass doors that will allow enough light into the room. Additionally, artificial light can also be used, but it has to compliment the theme being used.


As much as these designs may use different items, there has to be some uniformity. This will require you to balance all the themes present to come up with one uniform theme. A single colour should not dominate the whole scene if the design requires the use of different colours. A state of balance can only be achieved if there is a level of simplicity in the design. This will help when blending some of the components. If mistakes are made during this phase, the whole design may come out flawed. Interior design firms can create an overall plan if you are having trouble.

Create a sense of nature

A good number of French designs speak a lot about nature. This shows the kind of appreciation that they have for nature. You can do this by adding items such as houseplants or any other item that may have come to existence through natural causes. The most commonly used item in French designs is reclaimed wood which provides a distinct finishing texture that can only be found in France.

Appreciate the arts

France boasts some of the best artists in the world. For this reason, several French designs feature artistic paintings and drawings which have high aesthetic value. If you intend on giving the design you have chosen an artistic touch, include paintings as additional items. Through this, the design will have a unique standing when compared to designs from different parts of the world. Lovers of art are more likely to take up the artistic approach when adopting a French interior design style. A good number of these designs often involve a combination of both the old and the new.

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