Art on a Crane

The new Stahl crane runway protrudes more than 3m into the wider area of the hall at Huber Naturstein. A single slab of natural stone; some looking like masterpieces, can weigh approximately 500kg– vibrant, with bold structures and fascinating surface areas. Antolini deals in natural stones and is one of the largest dealers in Italy; the company Huber, from Markt Schwaben near Munich is its German partner. Huber has more than 800 various natural stones in stock. What appears to be a normal storage facility from the outside, actually looks like a properly designed display room inside. Carpets on the flooring, music in the air and overhead two, indoor cranes– painted white, with black hoists, as designated by the Italian company– with “Antolini Stone Gallery” painted on the crane bridges.

A second crane was needed by Huber to display pieces in the tight location at the back of the building and also to make better use of the area available in its hall. The prerequisite for a reasonable enlargement was an overlap location served by both cranes as slabs had to be moved from the existing crane in the broader, front hall part to the more narrow and new crane. The existing crane runway on the full-length side of the hall wall was extended by South German company Stahl-und Kranbau Oeder, a crane-building partner of Stahl CraneSystems. In its place now stands a new 27m long crane runway in the narrow part, protruding 3.3 m into the wider part of the hall.
Rudolf Lang, managing director of Stahl-und Kranbau Oeder says, “The obstacle here was that the overlapping part of the crane runway needed to be a self-supporting structure so that Huber can use the location underneath for its exhibitions without interfering supports.” Concurrently the overlap location aisle acts as a connection to the nearby hall, with rail cars and trucks being utilized to transfer the stone pieces to it.

The gap between the existing crane bridge and the new crane runway needed to be considered in generating the overlapping crane runway. Lang’s group determined at least 0.5 m of space would be needed. This meant the crane runway extending into the space needed to be set up at a lower height and the crane brought up on this side appropriately with frannas — an uncommon solution that Stahl-und Kranbau Oeder had actually currently carried out in similar kind elsewhere. Lang stated, “Because we pulled the brand-new crane up, the existing crane can pass the new runway of crane. As a result, it is possible for the cranes to overlap without entering the safety gap.”

Wire rope raises from the SH series from Stahl CraneSystems serve as lifting equipment on both crane bridges. Künzelsau experts for crane innovation provided other crane parts including control devices and crane end carriages. The stone pieces are picked up with the help of strong grippers or– for especially delicate product– with slings.

The investment has paid off for Huber Naturstein. The new storage location has provided space for more than 40 extra materials, while the elegant, black-and-white crane compliments the overall style of the hall in a way that gives a feeling of familiarity; as if it has always been there.

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