7 Tips for Nailing Your Opening Art Exhibition

Congratulations! You are going to be holding an exhibition! You have been approved for gallery representation, constructed a relationship with your gallery, then organized the dates with catering from hawthorn or wherever else organised, and carefully chosen as well as sent the artworks for display. It’s out of your hands from today, am I right? Time to just sit back, unwind, and revel in the show.

Do not call it a day just yet. There are still lots of things that you can do to get ready for your opening reception which will make certain you get the maximum benefit from your reception and exhibit. An opening reception may be an excellent chance for you as an artist to further your career, and it is very important to approach the night with that perspective.

Because of this, you want to prepare yourself fully for your event; what foods are being catered? Is the wine from local vineyards in the yarra valley or foreign? What was your art inspired by? Who’s attending your event and what interests them?

Choose a Message

Think of what this reception claims about you. Is it your first reception? Are you displaying abroad? Can it be a solo series or a collective series? What’s it about you that can draw the interest of your visitors?

By keeping those things in your mind, you will be able to prepare yourself for questions that you’ll likely receive. Being completely prepared is a great method of telling the world that you’re a serious artist with work worth visiting. Additionally, knowing your “message” as an artist is a significant part of creating your own personal brand: something that is useful on your advertising, digital, in print, and also in person. Your message must always be something you’re aware of, ensuring that everybody you meet knows what you are doing and why.

Pick A Great Opening Reception Outfit

A fashion that never appears to really go out of fashion at gallery Receptions is your little black dress.

A section of telling the world that you’re a serious artist means dressing the part. Unless otherwise specified, your opening reception is not likely to have a dress code, which means you are going to have a great deal of alternatives.

Many artists make the mistake of either dressing too officially or too softly. A critical artist does not have to put on paint-splattered smocks at an opening reception, nor should they put on a ballroom dress.

Here are the 3 factors to think about for the perfect reception outfit:

  • Look Professional
  • Be comfy
  • Wear clothing that you feel confident in

The Ideal outfit will skyrocket your confidence, and confidence is the trick to impressing your audience. (Well, that and your artwork!)

Prepare Talking Points

Receptions can be active, lively events; visitors adore talking to artists, and they are aware that an opening reception is that the very best time to get it done. Do not be astonished by the focus, and do not be intimidated. These individuals are interested about your job and about you as an artist, and opening receptions will be the few opportunities they will get to find out more about you.

Guru Tip: Occasionally, knowing what not to say could be just as important as knowing what to say. The tales behind your art might be quite personal and psychological. You do not wish to share a lot of info as it is not appropriate, and also you do not wish to speak too much about yourself to someone who is not interested. At a reception, you are very likely to get served yarra valley wines or on tap beers for free, so be cautious of how much you drink, and understand how to judge your audience’s attention.

Collect stories that are interesting. Were there any barriers that cropped up while you’re working on one or more one of these pieces? Is there anything about your procedure that stands out from other creatives? These fascinating facts about yourself are likely to stay in peoples’ memories. Possessing the perfect conversation material can make the difference between a viewer and a purchaser!

Know Your Own Art

This one might seem obvious, but occasionally you might be showing your work at a brand new gallery and it can be simple to become flustered. Get there before the reception, and be certain to understand precisely where your works are. Know their names, their measurements, and their costs, and it may frequently be beneficial to understand their burden (if a buyer asks, for transport purposes).

Guru Tip: Don’t be too aggressive with prospective buyers. Not everybody wants to purchase art there and then: some desire to consider it over, or go home and be certain they have the area for it. By behaving over-eager or expectant of a buy, you could actually scare off your curious buyers! If a person wishes to find out more about you and your job, answer their questions, share interesting stories, but don’t hound them with questions and information. Allow your viewers to enjoy the work and allow your talent to speak for itself!

Things To Take

You may feel inclined to bring over a library of promotional stuff. Always make sure you check it’s okay with the current gallery to be certain that they’re ready to accommodate you in the event that you would like to bring them. Based on where you’re displaying, there might not be space close to your functions to exhibit for your promotional stuff, and you’ll wind up carrying more than you can endure.

What exactly do you need to bring?

  • Business Cards
  • A Little Bag
  • A Smart Phone/Tablet

Your business card should have your contact info and your site info. A fantastic business card may remind the recipient of your art, so in the event that it is possible, try to integrate your artwork to the card. Nothing is less impressive than the usual flimsy, boring card to get an artist.

Why a little bag? Well, this is not simply to take your wallet, mobile and keys. In the case you’ve got a bag, you will have the ability to also receive business cards. Taking business cards from collectors or other guests will permit you to follow them up afterwards. In case the sale did not occur (or perhaps when it did!) you will want to send out an email another day thanking your guest for coming to the reception, for enjoying your art, and for your conversation.

A phone or tablet computer can have many applications at an art reception. You may use it to reveal to guests additional projects you are working on — make sure you take pictures and save them onto your own device, in the event the gallery doesn’t have any reception (no pun intended). You might even use a mobile or tablet computer to post live updates to your social networking accounts, and so that followers that aren’t there still feel as if they had been “part of this occasion.” The buzz out of an event is a fantastic way to keep people thinking about you and your work. And, clearly, you may use your device to permit visitors to register for your private newsletter, or even to connect with them on social networking accounts.

Meet The Staff Beforehand

Gallery receptions are usually surprisingly brief occasions, and the staff will probably be unbelievably busy organising ingredients from their fresh food store for catering, hanging other works, ensuring the space is ready, and in general making sure everything is operating smoothly.

Notably during a collective exhibition, it can be tough to earn one-on-one time together with the team. But you might want to rely on these people if there’s a sale, or in case art has to be adjusted throughout the occasion. Because of this, you need to make a point to come in a bit early so that you could familiarize yourself with who’ll be operating that night, if something comes up.

In case you have some non-reception relevant things to talk about with the gallery team, a reception might not be the place to get it done. When you have time, then it may often greatly help you to schedule a time to enter and fulfill one-on-one with all the gallery team either the day before or following the day of the reception.

Relax and Revel in the Event!

Opening receptions can attract a number of people who collectively shared a love of art. The occasions are superbly exciting and dynamic, and also by speaking to guests of several diverse backgrounds, you’re certain to hear brand new, and frequently piercing, insights to your own works. That is exactly what makes receptions an excellent chance for growing your inspiration and enlarging your own ideas. Go in with an open mind, socialize with the guests along with other creatives, and simply enjoy yourself!

An exhibition at a gallery is an accomplishment, and the reception is kind of like a large, art-themed celebration in your honour. Do not forget that festive component, and have fun!

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